High Security locks


High Security Locks

The specially constructed pick-resistant cylinders render traditional lock picking methods virtually obsolete and are designed against drilling and other forceful attacks.

Mul-T-Lock high security deadbolts provide exceptional protection against drilling, picking, bumping and brute force.The stronger the hardware is, the longer it takes to defeat that hardware. The longer it takes to defeat that hardware, the more likely a thief will give up and move on or get caught.

Key Control

MUL-T-LOCK's Patented Interactive Key Control System gives you the confidence you need to know that you are in total control of your keys. To understand MUL-T-LOCK's Interactive System, you must first understand what "Key Control" is.

Good Key Control
Only the user and authorized users are able to obtain additional keys.

Bad Key Control
Anyone can obtain additional keys without any verification or requirements.

Key Control System

MUL-T-LOCK's Interactive Key Control System is protected by a US Utility Patent which lasts well into the next decade. Since it is patent protected, no company can make imitation key blanks which will fit into the MUL-T-LOCK product line. Furthermore, MUL-T-LOCK has instituted a Key Control Procedure (KCP) which all Authorized Service Centers must abide by. Over 90% of all keys in the marketplace aren't patent protected. If a key is not patent protected other companies can manufacture that key blank and sell to whomever they please, and any Key Control Procedure instituted by the original manufacturer is void, thus leaving the consumer wide open for unauthorized key duplication.

Are your keys patent protected, if so for how long?